Tracking Orders Possible with

Tracking Orders Possible with
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    Feb 08, 2020

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  • Tracking Orders Possible with

    Online shopping is getting popular in Pakistan and why not, the utility it offers is beyond amazing and way above expectations. In the ever-growing industry of online shopping portals in Pakistan, is a new but valuable addition aimed at improving the online shopping experience for the customers. The features we have introduced are new, unique, and helpful for the customers. We understand that in order to make e-commerce competitive in Pakistan like the rest of the world, we have to introduce new features that are aimed at solving problems of the customers. Most of the customers complain about not being aware of the status of their orders but has moved one step ahead. Our order tracking feature gives you the actual status of your order in real-time. If you have placed an order at, here’s how you can track it.


    We have made a video to help you out. Watch and track orders like a boss!