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Do it Yourself - DIY

Create Your Brand’s Voice Within 5 Minutes

Simply register your shop with us and start selling your products to the right audience. Earn higher revenues and create your brand’s identity without any complications.It doesnt get as easy as this.

Upload Your Products

You don't need to be a tech expert to upload your products on Farosh. Just click high-quality pictures and upload your products including important details such as weight, dimensions, and colors, and start selling.

Promote Your Products

You can market your products in Daily Deals & Prime section to reach your target audience, and grow nationwide. Prime subscribers can avail of the opportunity to advertise their products across all social networks.

Receive and Ship Orders

Chances of getting orders can be increased significantly by promoting your products online and offline. Process all your orders seamlessly to receive positive feedback and gain recurring buyers.

Collect Payments

We value your time and efforts, that's why Farosh offers fast, easy, and safest payment transactions. All you need to do is, add your preferred bank account and collect your payments instantly without facing delay.

Manage Inventory Smartly

Manage order tracking, bulk edit product variants while managing deliveries, and much more all in one place. The digital management of products will allow you to retain buyers while saving time and money.

One Platform Behind All Your Needs

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Create Online Shop

Earn conveniently from our platform whether your business is online or offline.

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Smart Dashboard

Smart inventory solutions for sales, order tracking, and payment collection for your convenience.

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Custom Domain

Add credibility to your business and enhance its visibility by owning your own domain name.

Custom Theme

Design your store creatively with different themes and create your brand’s individual personality.

Must-have Plugins

Farosh will provide you with smart built-in plug-ins that will help you track essentials such as insights and marketing while producing optimistic results for your business.

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Social-commerce integration

We offer you to manage your business across multiple social channels, allowing you to save time.

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Marketplace Integration

We offer you to unify your business from all the popular digital marketplaces in Pakistan.

Sell in Person (POS)

Receive payments quicker while enhancing buyer experience and loyalty.

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Product listing & Charges

We understand the importance of getting noticed and Farosh ensures your products receive the attention they deserve. You can also conveniently upload an unlimited number of products.

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Payment Gateway Integration

We allow your buyers to enjoy effortless payment methods, without leaving your storefront.

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Intelligent Order Processing

Farosh takes care of your workflow and eliminates the chances of any kind of disruptions.

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Smart Alert Notifications

You will receive all important notifications via Email and SMS.

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Products Displayed in Daily Deals and Prime Products

Your products will be displayed under the section of Daily Deals and Prime products, to encourage more sales for your shop.

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Digital & Social Media Marketing

We will promote your shops on Social Media to increase the profit margins for your business.

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Verified Shop Seal

Receive a verification seal when your business performs proficiently on Farosh.

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

SSL Support

Obtain a secured URL eradicating the potential digital threat to your business.

Shop Guide

Shop guide

Create your online shop

  • Set up an account
  • Upload unlimited products
  • Make your store unique
  • Utilize the built-in plug-ins

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