Farosh Loader

Farosh helps its shops to grow their business. You can reach out to hundreds and thousands of potential customers at Farosh. The professional services provided by our experts enable you to win over your customers. There is no opening store & listing fee at Farosh and the payment is only to be made when your items are sold.

Shops at Farosh enjoy several benefits in listing their products at Farosh and selling them there. Shops just have to list their products on the website and ensure that they provide that to 3PL Logistics whenever a customer orders any of these products. Shops just need to affirm the availability of the said item and the rest of the responsibility lies on Farosh to deliver these products timely to the customers.

Farosh provides a quick response to the queries generated on the shop support site. Farosh entertains withdrawal requests weekly. Farosh also manages the marketing and promotion of the listed products and does not charge any fees for basic marketing from the shops. However, shops have to maintain their positive ratings to enjoy this particular benefit.

Shops also get a complete guide on online selling so that they can make the best use of the platform provided to them. Shops can also register as a buyer as well as a shop using the same email id. This means that there is no need to register separately, or use separate email ids, as buyer and shop.

Open your shop within 5 minutes:

We make the process of online earning super-easy for everyone, so you can set up your shop in 5 minutes.

Shop Management Dashboard:

Hassle-free order tracking and sales measures dashboard is provided for the Shops.

Products will be displayed in Farosh Shop and Mall

Your incoming orders will increase as you will be receiving orders from Farosh mall and your online shop, which will result in strengthening your customer base.

Promote your Shop’s URL by yourself

No need to become dependent on the Online store Now, you have the right to promote your standalone URL anywhere.

Your Products will be Displayed as Feature Deals

The products displayed on Farosh’s home page and other pages are labeled as Featured Products.

Customers can Directly Contact Shop Owners

Shop owners can directly contact customers and collect their feedback.

Manage your Shop’s Inventory most easily.

Inventory management is hassle-free in the Farosh shop, allowing the Shops to manage their shops easily.

Farosh will Create your Product Videos

Farosh provides its users the facility of creating product videos to define their products as visually appealing which leads to winning customers’ trust in their brand.

Unlimited Number of Products Uploads

No need to keep track of the number of product uploads.

Content Writing Service for Your Products

If you don't want to write about your product. We’ll do that for you!

Photoshoot of Your Products

We’ll beautify your products with the art of photography and this will boost your sales.

Product Boost on social media:

What's product boosting? It's the Social media Advertisement that increases your sales.

Contact information and Shop Address will be Displayed

You can show your shop details only on Farosh to create your audience for sale. If you Shift to a premium Plan.

Get Verified Seal!

At Farosh we provide verification seals to our premium shops as it helps in winning the trust of customers.

Get Email and Number Alert Notification

You’ll get all the important messages and notifications via email and SMS according to your active plan.