Farosh Loader

Farosh believes that the advertisements help shops to grow their business at a faster pace and optimize the overall member experience. Farosh offers a Subscription-based as well as a rating-based advertisement to shops to promote their products listed on the website and may use third-party platforms including Facebook, Google and other social media sites. The following policy explains the rights and responsibilities of shops while availing marketing and advertising services at Farosh. Please note that this policy is a part of our Terms of Use and by using the Advertising and Marketing services at Farosh, you agree to this policy and to our Terms of Use.


Rating-based Marketing

Farosh consistently monitors shop behavior and gives a score (out of 5) called Shop Rating. Shop Rating is monitored on the following bases:


Cancellation Rating


Return Rating


Confirmed order Rating


Based on the above ratings, marketing services are offered (free of cost) to the shop when they register at Farosh. Farosh recommends the shop keep the rating above 2 (out of 5) in order to avail of free marketing services. This rating is made visible to all buyers and shops on the website.


Subscription-based Advertisement

The shops with the higher subscription can have a better opportunity to get into our promotions and advertisements. There is another option to get advertised by Farosh it's our ad on services as mentioned on our web and on our agreement page. These ads on services help shops to promote their products in many areas.