Farosh Loader

Farosh aids retailers in accelerating business growth and improving the overall member experience. For shops to advertise the products listed on the website, Farosh offers a subscription-based service that may leverage third-party platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, and other social media websites. The rights and obligations of shops when using marketing and advertising services at Farosh are described in the following policy. This policy is part of our Terms of Use, to continue using the service of Farosh, you need to agree to our Terms Of Use as well. 


Advertisement for Free subscribers

Shops with free plans would be allowed to get product adverts in the Prime and Daily Deals sections. They will only be able to place one item in each sector, though. The free subscribers will profit from SEO and get top Google rankings with useful and authentic material.


Advertisement for Prime Subscribers

Farosh Prime users will have access to important advantages like Social Media Marketing and top Google rankings. The premier businesses will also be free to add 10 items each for Daily Deals and Prime Sections.