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While selling your products on our platform, it is essential for you to take care of certain aspects. To avoid any hassle or disturbance. To gain orders and maintain trustworthiness among customers,  it is mandatory that you follow the following guidelines to publish your products on Farosh.


Guidelines for Publishing the Products on Farosh:

FTransparency is highly valued at Farosh. Transparency demands that you represent yourself, your listed products, and your business with honesty and integrity. The Product Policy at Farosh required that you must:


  • Provide authentic and high-quality pictures of products
  • To describe and advertise your products, write genuine content 
  • Add items to the appropriate category
  • Mention the product's height and weight accurately 
  • If a product is a replica of an original brand, mark it as a duplicate
  • The products that are supplied to the consumer must match the shop's website image exactly
  • Respond to our queries in time about your products, business, and how your transactions are conducted.
  • Add Key features correctly to attract customers
  • Mention important details such as material, condition, and brand name
  • Ensure add the details for sections, What is in the Box and Warranty ( If any)
  • If the product is not available, make sure to mark it “ Out of Stock”


Providing wrong information or any kind of miscommunication is strictly against the policies of use at Farosh. If it is found that the provided information is not true or accurate, your accounts at Farosh and your use of the services may be suspended or even terminated. Furthermore, this policy is part of our Terms Of Use, ensure to agree with it as well.