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Handmade Policy applies to two different kinds of sellers- whose who handcraft their products completely, and those who come up with the idea, design their products but rely on other production partners to produce these items. Some sellers to whom this policy may apply also fall in the middle of these two extremes, where they are producing some of their products themselves, while get their other designs made from other manufacturers.


A. Selling Handmade Items

For an item to be recognized in the category of handmade products, it must have been designed by the seller. However, individual identification for being the designer as well as the maker is not mandatory, which is why the said policy applies equally to all sellers. Makers or producers who work on someone else’s design templates also fall in this category. For the sellers who are merely the designers and not the makers themselves, it must be noted that customizing the colors, or choosing from the already available designs does not classify you as designer. Sellers of the handmade items must also have their own representatives to sell these products.


For the designers alone, who partner with other manufacturers for production, must also comply with the Merchandising Policy of Farosh, in addition to this policy. Farosh also requires your production partners to produce these items on their own and not outsource them to any third party.


B. Being Transparent about your Business

Transparency is highly valued at Farosh. Transparency demands that you represent yourself, your listed products and your business with honesty and integrity. The Handmade Policy at Farosh required that you must:


  • Disclose the name and details of your manufacturing partners and those who represent or run your business at Farosh.
  • Provide your own images and content to describe and promote your products. 
  • Respond to our queries in time about your products, business and how your transactions are conducted.


Providing wrong information or any kind of miscommunication is strictly against the policies of use at Farosh. If it is found that the provided information is not true or accurate, your accounts at Farosh and your use of the services may be suspended or even terminated.