Farosh Loader

Intellectual Property Rights are essential to be complied with for all the makers, designers, and artists to maintain the integrity of the marketplace. Farosh has strict protocols for verifying a product’s originality and does not allow anyone to upload low-Quality replicas or fake items. However, if you still spot any replicas on the website, inform us immediately at [email protected] and our team shall look into the matter on a priority basis. Quality is something we never compromise on and promise to deliver only what is best. It must be noticed that this policy is a part of our Terms of Use.


This policy requires that shops act fairly and honestly on Farosh to ensure a safe buying and selling experience. All shops must:

Provide accurate information to Farosh and our customers at all times

Act fairly and not misuse Farosh’s features or services

Not attempt to damage or abuse another Shop, their listings, or ratings

Not attempt to influence customers’ ratings, feedback, and reviews

Not send unsolicited or inappropriate communications

Not contact customers except through Buyer-Shop Messaging

Not attempt to circumvent the Farosh sales process

Not engage in conduct that violates laws


If you observe infringement of any intellectual property rights, please notify us at [email protected].