The reliable logistics partners chosen by Farosh are responsible for delivering orders in a secure and timely manner. Upon placing an order, the buyer receives a confirmation call and email along with the order number and tracking code. Customers can easily track their orders through order numbers and tracking codes. The status of an order is listed in any of the four categories i.e. Pending, Shipped, Delivered, or Delivery Failed. Initially, when you place an order, its status is set to Pending.


When your order is dispatched from Farosh, the status is updated to Shipped and you may receive the order at any moment. When you will receive the order, the status is changed to “Delivered”. In cases, where you are unreachable at the provided address, Farosh will try to reach you for four business days. If the provided address is incorrect, then the delivery is marked as "Delivery Failed".


Buyers are advised not to receive the parcel if the seal is opened or damaged. Also, we do not grant to open the order before making the payment to the Logistics Officer. This rule strictly applied to all "Cash on Delivery" Orders. In case you find any issue with the products received, you can contact our Customer Support team at [email protected].